8 Things Every Rehab Professional Must Do Before Jumping Ship – Continued

8 Things Every Rehab Professional Must Do Before Jumping Ship – Continued

8 Things...Before Jumping Ship...Continued

In Part I of “Before Jumping Ship,” I suggested that you consider your strengths, values, mindset, and finances before “jumping” to another job. By taking the time of self-assessment, you’ll be more likely to correctly determine if you should jump ship or into which ship to jump. Here are more areas of your life to consider.


If finances, time, and education were not an issue, what would you absolutely love to do? Think back to when you were a child, what did you get lost doing…what activity did you get caught up in and lose track of time? These questions may lead you to rediscover your passion, but many will need to do much deeper work. Once you identify your passion, you need to determine if that passion can be filled through a full-time or part-time job or simply through a hobby. Being able to tap into your passion on a regular basis will help you decrease stress and help you live with joy.


What expectations have you placed on yourself? What expectations have you accepted from others? Sometimes we insidiously lose ourselves to live up to expectations from ourselves, others, and our culture. I challenge you to step back and analyze these expectations. How are they serving you? Are they causing you stress or anxiety? Do they help you become your authentic self? Only you can answer these questions and decide which expectations need to be kept or released. Once done, you’ll have a better sense of clarity and be able to move forward in freedom. 


What is your general personality? Are you energized by being around people or by working alone? Do you prefer a desk job, a job where you are constantly moving, or a job with a combination of these two? Do you enjoy the business side or paperwork side of healthcare? Are you a self-motivator or do you need external prompts to get your work complete? Considering your personality will help you determine if the type of your current job is fitting and perhaps you just need a mindset shift or environmental shift…or perhaps you are best suited for a non-clinical job or different industry altogether.


Establishing a balanced life is one key to inner peace. When people find themselves “out of balance” and take the time to dig deeper, they often find themselves without a clear vision, without defined values, and are driven by circumstances instead of living intentionally. The first step toward balance is having a clearly defined vision and understanding what you truly value. Look at all facets of your life and determine which ones are most important and how much time and attention you are pouring into them. Where are you pouring into things that aren’t as important? Answering these questions and more will be huge in gaining clarity and ultimately a much more balanced life!

Although you can take time and reflect on these areas of your life independently, it is often helpful to hire a coach who will help you see things from different perspectives, hold you accountable, and help you to consistently move forward toward your desired outcome. Click HERE to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session to see how coaching can help you gain momentum and move forward toward the life you desire.

Whatever you choose to do, the bottom line is to take intentional time away from the hustle and bustle of life to carefully consider…

  • how you are uniquely wired
  • where you are and what it has to offer
  • where you would like to go
  • what would be the best fit based on what you discover about how you are wired

Pause to discover more about yourself, so that you can wisely choose your best next step. It pays to invest in this time of reflection and perhaps even coaching to gain better perspective, clarity and direction before jumping ship!

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