The Secret to a More Peaceful Disney Experience

The Secret to a More Peaceful Disney Experience

Title: The Secret to a More Peaceful Disney Experience

I finally discovered the secret to a more peaceful Disney experience.

Have you ever been to a major theme park or resort and had the following thoughts? “The lines are too slow!” “Why can’t they just open other registers or lines?” “I can’t believe the pool is closed for construction!” “That guy was just a step ahead of us…why didn’t he hold the door?” “Why can’t the kids be happy…we’re on a vacation for them after all!”

If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know how challenging it can be to navigate the crowds and expectations of those you bring along. In past years, I’d often find myself having those thoughts listed above…and many more! Yes, I commonly judged others and circumstances in travel situations for sure! When things didn’t go as planned, it would bring me down and create anxiety and frustration. My thoughts about myself, others, and circumstances would ultimately steal my peace and enjoyment.

Well, this year was different. Even despite the COVID restrictions, I seemed to navigate my Disney vacation with much more peace and calmness.

But why?

I chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been practicing mental fitness exercises in conjunction with my faith and have been steadily transforming my mind over the last year. This hasn’t been easy, but it has been totally doable. I embraced a 7-week program that was a game-changer and am now leading others through this impactful program. In as little as 15 minutes a day, I’m strengthening my mental muscles to shift my mind from negative thoughts and emotions to having more positive thoughts and emotions.

So on this latest Disney vacation, I found myself enjoying the moment, overlooking inconveniences, and being more patient overall. I was able to see the “hiccups” in our plans in a different light and felt peace and even enjoyment despite any changes. 

And guess, what else?

I know I’m healthier! Studies have shown how negative emotions will cause negative physiological effects such as increased cortisol (stress hormone), increased blood pressure and heart rate, shallower breathing, as well as increased muscle tension. So, in being able to escape those negative emotions quicker, I’m giving my body a gift!

Plus, been more mentally fit and being able to navigate life’s challenges in a healthier way promotes positive emotions. These positive emotions promote overall well-being and happiness and are associated with better immunity, better recovery from illness, decreased inflammatory markers, and improved cardiovascular health. Learning to be more mentally resilient definitely has health benefits!

This renewing of my mind not only has shown to be an asset on my vacation and health, but it is also positively impacting my relationships and personal and professional growth. I am less judgmental, more empathetic and much less likely to listen to negative thoughts that still sneak into my mind.

Bottom line: 

Because of this training, I didn’t feel the need to sit beside Donald Duck in an anger management class…lol! And my Disney vacation was much more enjoyable and peaceful.

“Cheers” to the secret of mental fitness and its impact on yet another facet of my life…my latest Disney experience!!



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